RPM Entertainment is dedicated to creating memorable events which are designed and catered to the personal interests and desires of the individual client. I pride myself on being well-versed in all genres of music which allows me to reach the diverse needs of your guests, family, and friends. With 18 years of experience DJing in various venues, I have had the opportunity to play to crowds with every music preference one can think of. I’ve learned that reading the crowd, and keeping the dance floor packed, is a critical role of the DJ, and one that I take very seriously.

As the master of ceremonies, I am the point person and direct contact for all other aspects of the event to filter through. Everything from playing music during cocktail hour and lining your bridal party up for the opening introductions, to coordinating with wait staff and photographers, starts and ends with your DJ. Keeping your event running on time and smoothly, all while maintaining the element of fun and excitement is a responsibility that I welcome.